One Man Didn't

Friday, March 29, 2013

Three men were tried for crimes against humanity
Two men committed crimes
The third man didn't

Three men were whipped and beaten
Two men had it coming
One didn't

Three men were given crosses to carry
Two men earned their

Three men were mocked and spit at, along the way
Two men cursed and spit back
The third one didn't

Three men were nailed to their cross
Two men deserved it
One man didn't

Three men agonized over their abandonment
Two men had reason to be abandoned
One didn't

People reviled them
Two men argued
One of them didn't

Three men knew death was coming
Two men resisted
One man didn't


ree men died on three crosses

Three days later
Two men remained in their graves
One, the Son of men, didn't 

-Author unknown

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