Easter Thoughts

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Here a few thoughts from around the web for Easter that have blessed me...

When Easter Feels Overwhelming:  Bonnie, at Faith Barista talks about what happens on the Saturday before Easter when we are healing and waiting with hope.

Ann Voskamp, from Holy Experience writes from the perspective of Mary and how Jesus was torn to make us whole.  Beautiful, heart-wrenching perspective!

 In Living in a Saturday World, Shawn, from On This Side of the Mirror, talks about our struggle before God redeems our deepest hurts.  I have never really pondered the Saturday before Easter and how it can symbolize our struggles, but this year I am so in that place....waiting for the pain to be redeemed.

Also from Shawn, The Bad of Good Friday...this one is a must read.  May we always know that when we suffer He totally gets where we are at.  He will never ask us to suffer unless He Himself has gone through it.

Have a blessed Easter!

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