Never-ending Gratitude

Monday, February 18, 2013

Sometimes when life is hard we have to go over board on the gratitude.  I have come to find that the more I thank Him then better I can get through a trial in life.

Still counting...


-Numerous verses that are giving me comfort
-Peace beyond understanding
-A surrendering to God
-Those that step up the love
-God giving me encouragement last week
-Songs that become more precious
-God taking me to the edge to help me grow
-The compassion of my sons
-Coming to terms that it is never a mistake to love
-Moments of clarity
-Puppy toys all over the floor
-A printer to make copies
-Softly falling snow
-Extra time to sleep
-Novels to read
-Notes and cards from loved ones
-Flowers from Tim
-A new verse to memorize

-That I can trust Him to redeem the painful parts

1 comment:

Janis Cox said...

Loved reading your gifts. It is so awesome how God speaks to us if we listen.