Can Anything Good Come From Fred Meyer?

Monday, February 11, 2013

 Yesterday I taught our youth Sunday school class.  We discussed the question, "Can anything good come from___________?"  (See John 1:46) Like He did over 2,000 years ago, God can show up in the most unlikely of a small village named Nazareth.  The thing is, if we are looking for Him, He will show up regardless of the place or situation. He shows up in the most unlikely of places.

This morning I walked through the sliding glass doors of Fred Meyer.  I was feeling pretty lousy, emotionally and physically. My hair barely combed (images of Medusa come to mind). My clothes a wreck. And makeup?  What's that?

I was on a mission.  I had lost touch with my inner Julia Child and was hoping to at least bring out the Chef Boyardee in me.  Feeling (and probably looking) as miserable as I was, my only goal was a few frozen pizzas and other conveniences that my oldest son could cook for us in the next few days.  I wanted him to take over since I couldn't seem to muster the energy.

With a cart packed with anything but gourmet, I headed to the checkout stand.  I got in my favorite line...the one with the sweet Korean checkout lady who always has a smile for me. While she passed my items over the scanner she chattered on in her thickly accented English about reality TV shows.

Do you watch The Bachelor?

How about American Idol?

I vaguely shake my head as she rambles on...a torrent of friendly words that hardly register on me.  I am too tired, too down in the dumps to fully engage. She finishes scanning and rips the receipt from the machine. For the first time since I got in her line she takes a breath.  She hands me the receipt and looks at me.  "You are so beautiful today.  You are so beautiful,"  she exclaims. I take the receipt and her words of encouragement and walked out the door.

Can anything good come from Fred Meyer? Yes, when God shows up at a checkout stand and uses a Reality TV-loving lady to show grace to a worn out woman.

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