Worst Night of His Life

Friday, January 25, 2013

On the night that Jesus was arrested, things went from bad to worse.  His prayers went unanswered. How could God not answer the prayer of "Let this cup pass from me."?  It doesn't seem right... You are God and yet God won't answer your prayer.  His friends fell asleep (with friends like that who needs enemies?).  A mob comes to arrest Him. His friends flee.  Deny Him.  Cower in the corner.  All in all, a stellar night!

And yet, He is at peace and resigns Himself to it when He tells Judas to do what he set out to do (Matthew 26:50). He accepts it and doesn't fight the future.  He doesn't agonize that even His own Father can't stand by Him tonight. Why? Because Jesus runs a business named...Redemption.  He is the CEO in taking terrible events (even His own) and twisting them to create incredible endings. He didn't need to fear that night because it was grace in the making...love crafting the greatest plan ever executed.  Jesus knew all would be redeemed even His suffering.

This week I went forward.  Things went from bad to worse.  My prayer of "take this cup" wasn't answered.  A firestorm came my way and went.  Yet, I have a strange peace about it...because I know the CEO who twists the terrible to bring about beauty.  Grace is in the making and it will all be...

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