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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Since completing most of the Beth Moore Bible Studies, I have been on the hunt for some Bible studies with depth that will help me grow in my walk.  I went through Shawn Lantz's Bible studies last year and got a tremendous amount of insight from them.  So at the beginning of this year I was searching for more time with God in His Word in an in-depth way.  I wanted to study the book of Ruth because it talks about the concept of a kinsman-redeemer.  My Word of the Year for 2013 is "Redeemed".  So Ruth would be a great place to start looking at how God can redeem the situations in our lives that are tough.

I came across the Coffee Cup Bible Studies and decided to give the Ruth and Philippians ones a try.  I am currently working through the Ruth study. There is one unique feature to these Bible studies that I really am appreciating. The passages are completely printed out within the study.  I don't actually need my Bible. I can just pick up the study and go.  I also love the detail that Sandra Glahn (the studies' author) dives into.  I am learning so much more background into the lives of Naomi and Ruth than I have ever encountered before.  There are also personal application questions scattered throughout.  And the best part...there are about eight of these studies (see below)!  I can't wait!

So if you are looking for some great Bible studies, you might want to give these a try!

Here's a list of available studies:

Mocha on the Mount (Coffee Cup Bible Studies)
Frappe'With Philippians (Coffee Cup Bible Studies)
Premium Roast with Ruth (Coffee Cup Bible Studies)
Java with the Judges (Coffee Cup Bible Studies)
Cappuccino with Colossians (Coffee Cup Bible Studies)
 Espresso with Esther (Coffee Cup Bible Studies)
 Sumatra with the Seven Churches (Coffee Cup Bible Study)
 Solomon Latte (Coffee Cup Bible Studies)
 Kona With Jonah (Coffee Cup Bible Studies)

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