Our Babies

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Here are some updated photos of the baby robins in our backyard.  We think they hatched on June 1st given the fact that they started to open the eyes two days ago (supposedly baby robins open their eyes on the 5th day).  We have only about seven more days with them before they start to fly.  They are already trying to flap their wings which is a feat since there is not much space in the nest at this point.  I am thinking that we will not be allowing Titan (our mini schnauzer) in the backyard next week.  From prior nestings I know that the babies may land on the ground and not be able to get away from Titan in time.  So I guess Titan will be "on restriction" in a few days!  These babies are so precious to watch, but we have to be careful that the mama is nowhere to be found when we get close to the nest...she is quite the good mama (translation: she aggressively will protect them!)

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