For everything that has been...

Monday, June 11, 2012

For everything that has been, thank you, and for everything that will be, yes! --Dag Hammarskjold

{2, 438-2,472}

*Jury duty and getting excused
*Starting a new Bible study on the last book of the Old Testament, Malachi: A Love That Never Lets Go (Member Book)
*Learning more about grace and truth
*Seeing the transit of Venus across the Sun

*Watching our baby robins grow

*Early morning phone calls
*Learning to deal with those that emotionally vomit on us
*Warm summer evenings
*Zach getting extra opportunities to serve Christ
*Birds chirping in the yard
*The knocking of a woodpecker
*Hair clips
*Friends with a telescope
*That we need not defend ourselves; God does that!
*Groggy mornings
*Caffeine for groggy mornings
*Friends that want to spend time with me
*Conversations on the deck
*A special treat for Titan
*Flowers in bloom
*Finishing my bulk cooking this week
*Chives growing like crazy
*Sweet strawberries
*Almost halfway through my college course
*That God never leaves me while going through anxiety
*Tim creating a "playpen"(a fenced area around our robin's nest so that our dog can't get to them) for the baby birds as they learn to fly.
*Getting ready to read through the Bible again (this time with Reading God's Story: A Chronological Daily Bible )
*Creating a fun gift for Tim for Father's Day
*Reading Silas Marner (really enjoying this book)
*The warm weather this week
*Three gifts: prints of one of my favorite Alaskan artists in frames given to me by a friend
*Learning to grieve and let go
*Learning that pain can lead to perfection
*This quote...
Some of God's best gifts come wrapped in boxes that make our hands bleed when we open them. -From Malachi:A Love that Never lets Go by Lisa Harper

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Dana said...

Wonderful photos of your little birds!!