From Egg to Flight

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

We have had the privilege this spring to watch a robin's nest be filled and then serve as a cradle for four babies.  What a gift to watch the whole process!

{May 14}
One lone egg...

{May 19}
...and then there were four!

{June 2}
Don't hate us because we are beautiful!

{June 4}

{June 5}

{June 6}

{June 7}

{June 8}

{June 9}

{June 9}
It's a little snug!!

{June 10}
Jumped out of the nest to take a look around.

 {June 10}
The Exodus of all four babies

{June 10}
Baby visitor in my greenhouse...the plants will have to wait for water.


Dana said...

What a wonderful experience! And, great photos!!!

Sheryl said...

Beautiful photos! What a special gift to see those sweet birds from the very beginning.


Beth Stone said...

These are great! I loved watching the progression - how fun for you all to get to watch the whole process in person! We're doing a "big year" this year (trying to see how many species of bird we can spot within one calendar year), so this was especially fun to see for me. Thanks for sharing!