The Homeschool Mother's Journal- June 3rd

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

.In my life this week…I finished putting in my garden: tomatoes, cucumbers, summer squash, pumpkins, herbs, eggplant, peas, carrots, potatoes, beans, beets and lettuce.  Can't wait to harvest something!
In our homeschool this week… We are doing light school...math and reading.  Zach is finishing his science for the year.  So we are pretty much done.  I think we will plan to do math three times a week and read throughout the summer.
Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…the soccer field.  Noah started soccer this week.  Two games a week, and I am not sure how many practices.  We are gonna live soccer for awhile!
My favorite thing this week was…having friends over and playing Blongo Ball.  This is such a fun summertime game!!
What’s working/not working for us… Math games!  We received all the Muggins math games for fractions.  These are awesome!!!!!!!  I can't tell you how cool it is...but I (yes, the teacher) finally understands GCF and LCM!  Muggins has a great way to teach it!  It makes so much sense to me, and Noah picked up on it right away.
Homeschool questions/thoughts I have…I wish I had done more math games with Zach and pre-taught him concepts in the summer.  It would have made his learning so much easier.  Live and learn.  A question I have...does anyone know of any great mysteries that would be a good read aloud for a 10 and 14 year old (both boys)?
A photo, video, link, or quote to share…One of the games we played this week from Muggins math...


gail said...

those math games sound good - i will have to check them out!

Becca said...

I would honestly suggest the Harry Potter series. I've read it aloud to all my kids and the whole family loves it. My boy also likes Cornelia Funke's novels.

Beth said...

My kids from 9-15 have enjoyed The Mysterious Benedict Society series.