Mega Memory Month and Bible in 90 Days- Second Update

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I am combining posts a bit today to make things easier for me.  Starting with my memory work...I am working on memorizing Psalms 27.  I am up to verse nine with about five more verses to go.  I am so excited to see the light at the end of the tunnel!  It was hard when I first started, but I am really seeing how memorizing God's Word is changing my perspective.

I am reading through the Bible again in 90 Days as I mentor about 20 people (15 online and about 5 at my church that didn't sign up online). I am so shocked by what is happening.  It was just last summer that I finished reading the Bible in 61 days.  Now as I am going back and re-reading I am finding so much that I missed!  I am catching other details that I never caught before.  Like the fact that it was a good thing that the Egyptians embalmed their dead.  Because when Jacob (renamed Israel) was about to die in Egypt, he asked his son, Joseph to carry him back to the land of Canaan and bury him there which Joseph did.  Can you imagine the stench if his body hadn't been embalmed as they carried him back to Canaan?! Not all cultures embalm their dead.  It was a good thing that they lived in Egypt instead of some other foreign country!  It made me realize that God is totally in the details of our lives like he was in the details of Jacob and Joseph's lives.  He knows what is needed before we even do.  So the making of a mummy showed me this week that God knows all things, has all the details worked out even when we don't realize it.  You can read about it in Genesis 49:29-50:14


Amy@ MomsToolbox said...

My emails to you are getting returned. help!!

Debbie said...

Amy- I am not sure it still happening? I will try to email you.

Ann Kroeker said...

You know what else amazes me about the whole mummy thing? When Joseph died, he, too, was embalmed and his bones were left in a coffin for something like 400 years before they could get him back to the Promised Land. Again, like you pointed out, God knew Joseph would need to be a mummy for that to work. His bones hung around in Goshen until the Israelites left Egypt with Moses, carrying Joseph's mummified body around in the wilderness and eventually back to the Promised Land.

Meanwhile, you and I are busily working on memorizing God's truth! You are really moving along--so glad you are having such a good experience and enjoying Psalm 27!

Kara said...

Isn't it amazing how more and more jumps out at you each time through?!