Pumpkin Butterhorns

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I just received my Taste of Home magazine a few days ago.  I found an idea that I have never seen before. It was a recipe for crescent rolls that have pumpkin pie mix spread on the dough before you roll the rolls up.  So today I took my favorite butterhorn (similar to crescent rolls) recipe from Life as Mom and a can of organic pumpkin pie mix (the stuff that is already sweet and has the spices).  I made the dough and let it rise once.  I then rolled out the dough and cut it into wedges. Each wedge got a teaspoon of pumpkin pie mix spread over it before I rolled them up.  I then froze most of them for breakfasts for later.  I baked a few of them to see how they taste...they were wonderful!  So now I can make regular butterhorns, chocolate ones and pumpkin ones.  These freeze well before baking...I pull them out of the freezer and bake them the morning I want to serve them.  So yummy! To check out other recipes that make ahead for breakfast see this.

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