Freezer Cooking Plans

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Breakfast in the Freezer plan has been immensely I came up with an idea!

I have some posts in the works in which I will create some mini freezer cooking plans for my readers to use.  Here is the idea...I will take three of our tried and true recipes, double them, and create a shopping list and instructions for you to use.   That way if you do one of the plans you will come away with six meals to put in your freezer!  Do a few of the plans over time and your freezer will be stocked!  I am thinking these plans will be about a half day project which includes the shopping and then the assembling of the meals.  Of course, you could do the shopping one day and the cooking on another.  Stay tuned!

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Ellen said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your plans! I've toyed with freezer cooking for years now, but I have a hard time keeping it going. I'm wiling to give it another try!