Every Good Gift Comes From the Father

Monday, August 2, 2010

holy experience

I am working my way to a thousand things to be thankful for...
749. Repentance and forgiveness
750. Reading the Psalms.
751. Rest from work
752. A wonderful dad...today is his birthday...here is a picture of me and him when I was little.
753. That my Heavenly Father gave me such a wonderful earthly father.
754. A nice grill for easy summer dinners.
755. Afternoon naps when I am feeling run down.
756. That God is God even if we don't understand His ways.
757. That I am about halfway through reading the Bible in 90 days!
758. The spiritual growth that I am seeing in my students in my Sunday school class.
759. Raspberry jam! I made 12 cups this week.
760. Daisies that are blooming.
761. Big pumpkins in the garden.
762. Peas...so sweet!

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