Week of Rest

Friday, June 4, 2010

This week has been one of rest and recuperation for me.  Inevitably each spring I get a terrible cold or sinus infection as a result of all the pollen flying in the air. Well, this year was no different.  So I spent the week getting rid of my cold.  But that isn't to say that we didn't get anything done this week...here is what we did...

*We finished reading Shadow Spinner. A book that both the boys and I absolutely adored!  It had adventure, mystery, and heartache in it.  The whole theme of the book centered around forgiveness...at least that is the conclusion that the boys and I came to.
*We started our unit on Shakespeare...you can see what we are doing here.  I really want the boys to have a familiarity with some of Shakespeare's plays.  We started watching Julius Caesar this week, and I was surprised to find out that the boys are really enjoying it.

*Today I am hosting my Sunday School students (I teach Jr. High) at my home so that we can watch The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry....such a great movie! Not to be missed!

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See Jamie blog said...

I'll have to look for "Shadow Spinner." Hope you get to feeling completely better!