Favorite Homeschool Book

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This week at the Homeschool Village we are supposed to...

Share your favorite book that has supported and encouraged you in your homeschooling adventure and why you'd recommend it to another homeschooler.

Just choose one???  Not sure I know how to do that! But I will narrow it down to two.

1. The Bible  I really can't think of any other book that has influenced me more than God's Word in every aspect of life and that includes homeschooling.  When I am worried or troubled about how things are going for my kids God's Word comforts me.  When I am weary of teaching, the Bible encourages me not to give up.  When I feel stressed while schooling His Word calms me.

2. Add Two Cups of Laughter by Cyndy Regeling and Tammy Duby. I am  too serious!  I like to get things done in a timely and organized fashion.  A lot of times, I am not about the fun when it comes to schooling.  I hatethat about myself...I wish I were more fun and could ease up a bit.  Add Two Cups of Laughter has helped me do this!  There are all kinds of ideas to make homeschooling not such a bore and a chore.  I love this book!  Actually, I think I need to read it again this summer before school starts up again!

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Mama to 3 Blessings said...

Hi, my 1st time joining you all at the Homeschool Village! I love this idea and look forward to getting to know other homeschool moms! It's nice to meet you! Thank you for your book. I am definitely going to look into the this book! I started homeschooling my son kindergarten awhile back but he will offically me starting in August. Glad I found your blog, don't want to miss out so I am following you! It's nice to find Christian homeschool blogging moms! Enoy the rest of your week! :)
<>< Nicole

Layton Family Joy said...

Oh Debbie - thank you! Lord knows I love a good giggle and not to take things so seriously! I can't wait to check out this book.

Thanks for taking the time to write this post and visiting with the Village!!


Meghan said...

Ooooo I've heard great things about this book and you mentioning it makes me want to go find it and read it :)

Thanks for joining in at The Homeschool Village. I can't wait to get to know you better!


Joy said...

I have never heard of "Add Two Cups of Laughter". I am looking forward to checking it out! Have a blessed day!

Angela said...

I will have to add this one to my wish list for sure, sounds great!


Heidi said...

I've not seen that book, but I just love Tammy Duby - she's so cute and so sweet and so much fun to visit with at conventions. :) I'll have to keep my eyes open for that one. Thanks for the suggestion.

Robyn said...

I've heard great things about this book. I can't wait to check into it more. Thanks so much for sharing information on it.

We really appreciate your joining in on the HSVillage this week. I truly can't wait to get to know you!


monica @ paperbridges said...

hi from NJ, this is my first time here. thanks for the humorous book mention. as HS-ing moms we definitely need to LAUGH.


Sue said...

I have never heard of this book before. I can't wait to check it out! Thank you so much for the recommendation.
Blessings to you,
Sue :)