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Monday, June 14, 2010

holy experience

I love Multitude Mondays where I get to list all that I am thankful for!

615. Swim lessons for the boys.
616. Having a homeschool teen come help me do some deep cleaning of my house.
617. Getting to meet RJ from the FIAR boards!  Because we live in Alaska, I have never had the opportunity to meet anyone from the boards.  I have been on the boards for many, many years.  We live miles apart so I consider this a blessing to meet her.  She and her family are awesome!
618. Potato and leek plants popping up in my garden.  I think potato leek soup is in our future!  Yum!
620. Finishing Julius Caesar by Shakespeare with the boys.
621. Starting the Comedy of Errors.
622. Yummy smelling candles.
623. Facebook friends.
624. New students in my Jr. high Sunday school class.
625. The time spent out in my is therapeutic!
626. Alaskan summers.
627. The love of family.
628. A free afternoon when a friend takes the boys.
629. Long walks.
630. Time alone with God.


Julie said...

I love # 625 on your list! I celebrate with you!

May the rest of your week be blessed!


Heather of Swallowing A Moose said...

All of those are lovely things to thank Him for. You just let me know when the soup is ready... I'll fly over! :)

Be blessed!