The Blessings of God...

Monday, March 1, 2010

holy experience

Here is my continuing list of gratitude....

391. A new science curriculum to start.
392. The melting of snow.
393. Tons of sunshine over the past few weeks.
394. A beautiful new throw blanket given to me by a friend.
395. A dog who chewed on my new throw blanket! LOL
396. A new Bible study...that is really an old one updated.
397. A lesson on pride.
398. A free Friday where we didn't have our regular schedule and could do some other fun activities.
399. Homebaked bread hot from the oven.
400. The book, Scared, which is really impacting me.
401. Gardening...which won't happen til May, but the seeds are in the store and I am starting to plan!
402. Salad!  I love salads and am trying to eat more of them!
403. Yummy meal at church.
404. Bible verse memorization that the kids are doing.  So good to hear them quote Scripture!
405. Hot tea from Adagio.
406. A great Sunday School class session with both the Jr. and Sr. high kids.  I was so nervous teaching both, but God made it great!
407. Time to watch the Olympics.


The Crazy Mom said...


You won my Progresso Soup prize packet!!! You'll need to send me your mailing info. :)

Annesta said...

I agree, more sunshine is truly a wonderful gift.
You have a lovely list.
I certainly enjoyed reading your list and visiting you blog.
Grace to you