How was our week?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

So for the first time ever I have decided to do the Weekly Wrap-up at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers. This week has been great because we had extra time to get some work done!  Our Friday afternoon activity (a two hour art class) was cancelled that gave us a bit more time to catch up this week.

We recently started Plants Grown Up and have been enjoying touching on a different topic each week. We went through the concepts of organizing and planning.  For one of my sons this is such an issue...he really has a hard time being organized!  It is something that we are continuing to work on.

I am real excited that we have started our new science...I have decided to go with Apologia.  I really need to give my oldest son a firm foundation in science as more than likely that is the field he will get into. 

For history this week, we are slowly moving through ancient Roman history and started studying the Punic Wars. For my youngest, the story of Hannibal and his elephants going over the Alps is a favorite.  Noah has always loved animals and has this thing for elephants.  Wouldn't surprise me if he becomes a zoologist!

Our most important moment this week is when the boys and I had a long talk about dealing with friendships.  My youngest is struggling with a kid who is kind of a bully. We spent about an hour talking about what makes a kid act that way.  It is a hard concept for my boys to understand that this boy desperately wants friends, but is still mean to others.  They just marvel at the fact that someone would be mean in an effort to get attention.  I am not sure I understand the dynamics of it all, but at least we had a great discussion about it and how to handle someone who is constantly mistreating us.  It is a fine line between setting up boundaries so that my son doesn't get hurt more and still trying to show compassion to the bully.  I came to the realization that I don't have all the answers.

Well, that is a little of how our week went.  To see more Weekly Wrap-ups, click here.


SmallWorld at Home said...

Sounds like a great lesson in compassion was learned this week. Dealing with friendships is soooo hard. Sometimes it even seems harder in the homeschooling community because the parents all know each other so well and are so involved in our kids' lives. We see the stuff that public school parents don't see and thus don't necessarily have to deal with!

Wonder Mom said...

It BREAKS a Mamma's heart when her child hurts- ESPECIALLY when it's the emotional kind of hurt! My brother was bullied, but I am glad to say that he is also, to this day, one of the most forgiving and empathetic people I know.

Take heart!