Plants Grown Up

Friday, January 8, 2010

I recently ordered Plants Grown Upto use with both of my sons.  I have become increasingly aware that our time with them is limited...Zach is going to be 13 soon and Noah will be 9 in a few days. We have only five more years with Zach to teach and prepare him for manhood!  Scary thought! This curriculum is put out by Doorposts.  It has tons of ideas, activities, and projects to teach boys to be godly men.  There is a version for girls called Polished Cornerstones in case you have girls. Plants Grown up is about 500 pages!!!!  It is going to be pretty overwhelming, but I am going to take the author's advice and do two projects from one chapter each week.  This will allow us to touch on each chapter in one year.  The curriculum is meant to be used for several has activities for all age levels so you could go from ages 5-18!  To give you an idea of what is in Plants Grown Up here is a list of the sections the book provides.  Stay tuned as I will post more about our experiences with the book.

"Add to your faith VIRTUE"

Justly Judging in Discipline Situations
Overseeing Household Affairs
Leading the Family in Worship
Exercising Initiative
Setting a Godly Example
Planning and Organizing
Making Godly Decisions
Influencing the Community

"and to virtue KNOWLEDGE"
Bible Skills
Scriptural Manhood
Biblical Doctrine
Teaching Skills
Home Skills

"and to knowledge TEMPERANCE"
Self-control of the Body
Self-control over the Appetite
Sell-Control over Thought Life
Self-Control over The Tongue
Self-Control in Manners
Self-Control in Finances
Self-Control of the Emotions
Fleeing Temptation
Conquering Laziness

"and to temperance PATIENCE"
Faithfulness Performing a Job
Faithfulness in the Church Body
Perseverance in Trials
Finishing What We Start

"and to patience GODLINESS"
Meditating on God's Word
Hiding God's Word in our life
Communion with God in Prayer
Honouring God's Day of Rest
Obeying God with the Tithe
Obeying God and Authorities
Seek/Accept God's Counsel
Being Content with God's Sovereignty

"and to godliness BROTHERLY KINDNESS"
Developing Godly Relationships
Protecting the Young and Weak
Showing Hospitality
Providing far Others
"and to brotherly kindness CHARITY"
Giving to Those in Need
Communicating in a Godly Way
Serving with a Cheerful Heart
Giving Up Our Own Desires
Showing Patience & Forgiveness
Sharing the Gospel
Loving a Wife

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