Titan's becoming a Big Boy!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Well, for some reason we have really seen a change in Titan this week!  It is amazing!  He is listening to commands more and more.  This week he has gotten the hang of "release", and he is learning how to more appropriately greet guests at the door.  The greeting thing is critical as I have over 20 Spanish students that come through my house each week.  I have been using some of the techniques that Cesar Millan (the Dog Whisperer) uses, and they are really working!  It is still a struggle for Titan not to show too much of his joy (barking and jumping) to the visitors that come, but he has definitely made some improvement this week!  He is also learning how to "manipulate" us! LOL  He has figured out that when we stop scratching him behind the ears that he can put his paw on us as a request for more!  He really started doing this this week...while it is cute...there is such a thing as too much of a good thing!  It can get to be a bit much when he keeps putting his paw on your for more attention!

So as of today these are the commands that Titan knows and follows most of the time:
sit (he has been doing this one since he was real little)
down (lay down)
watch me (he has to look us in the eyes and follow us with his eyes)
stay (this is still a bit of a struggle)
"give me five"
release (a toy)
leave it (leave the object alone)

He sure has changed! He has come so far....  from learning to walk

to fun puppyhood with his sister....

to being "Little Man"

He doesn't know it yet...but he has another milestone coming!  We are going to get him a new kennel today...poor guy is scrunched in his old one!  He is probably full grown now...a little taller than his momma and a little under 20 pounds. Hope he likes his new "den"!

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