Garden Prep 2010

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Last week I saw that seeds were on sale at our local grocery store.  So I went ahead and bought some...Here are our plans for our garden:

*Bush peas

*Royal Burgundy Bush Beans- love these because you can spot the beans on the plant since they are a dark purple.  Don't worry though...I don't feed my kids purple beans!  The beans turn green when you cook them.

*Lettuce (a mixture of four varieties)

*Carrots (Scarlet Nantes and Cosmic Purples)

*Beets (Cylindrical)

*Sweet Basil, oregano, and maybe cilantro (cilantro doesn't do well up here with all the night sunlight...I am thinking I might do cilantro in pots and bring the pots into the house where it is dark for the nights...might prevent bolting)

*A few flowers (daisies and Bachelor Buttons)


*Strawberries (If the plants come back.)


*Potatoes- Maybe.  I have to decide if I want to take up garden space with these.

*Pumpkins!  We might try these this year!  Each year I try something new...last year I tried bell peppers which were a disaster!  Pumpkins aren't easy to grow here, but it might be fun if we get just one!

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