Think Spring!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A few days ago, a friend of mine sent us pictures from awhile back when we went to the frog pond with them.  Being in the depths of winter (January and February being some of the hardest months of the year), it was good to see some spring/summer pictures!  Gives us something to look forward to!  The frogs that we caught are called wood frogs (Rana sylvatica) and are the only amphibians that live in central Alaska. They freeze into "frogsicles" in the winter and then come out in the spring!  I can't wait for the cold and snow to leave!  I am sure there are a few frogsicles that would agree with me!

In hot pursuit of a frog!

Reaping the rewards of all our efforts!

Zach in the pond.

Dragonfly...can you spot it?

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KimSD said...

Alaska is so beautiful! I didn't know that about the frogs turning to frogsicles, LOL!