Praying Through the Bible

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Word of the Year for 2010 is "prayer".  God has been teaching me so much about prayer and how we are to relate to Him.  I have grown closer in my relationship with Him by keeping a prayer journal and learning more about prayer.  One of the books that I have been reading is The Power of Praying Through the Bible.  This is not the type of book you would just read through.  It is more of a devotional.  Stormie has selected certain passages from the Bible starting with Genesis and working through to Revelation.  For each passage she writes a short devotional about prayer.  I have gotten through all the Genesis devotions and am now moving onto Exodus.

I have recently been struggling with the fact that some of my prayers God has given no answer or He is saying "Wait" for the time being.  When I read this paragraph in Stormie's book it bought me peace and conviction at the same time...

"How long do you patiently wait for answers to your prayers? Does a week seem too long to wait? What about a month? Waiting for a year seems to be beyond our ability. To see that Abram waited for a quarter of a century for an answer should give us hope to wait for our own prayers to be answered."

I marveled at this passage...for 2009 my word was "patience" and now this year "prayer".  God is rolling both these words together now for me as I pray and patiently wait on Him!

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