The Night Noah fought the Durango and Lost

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Here was my evening in case you are interested!

*Noah splits open his head by running into the open door of our Durango.

*2 min. later my Spanish student walks in.

*I have to clean up Noah while she waits.

*Throw TaeKwon-do uniform in wash in hopes of getting out the blood. He was wearing his WHITE pretty bloody

*Throw dinner in crockpot.

* Go to grocery store to get liquid bandage.

*Their credit card machines are down...I have NO money and NO checkbook.

*I tried to call phone wasn't working (because of course I don't have a cell)

*Finally credit card machines work

*Go home with liquid bandage..doesn't work

*Dinner in crockpot was a DISASTER! NEVER do mac and cheese in the crockpot even if the lady from "A Year of Slowcooking" says it will work! IT WON"T!  LOL

*Throw out dinner.

*Call a friend who is a nurse. She rushes over.

*Nurse takes one look at it and say get to First Care.

*Go to First Care.

*Noah gets six stitches in the forehead by the P.A. and nurse that saw me two weeks ago for my torn calf muscle. Kind of like a mini-reunion! LOL

*Go home...feel like crying...haven't eaten dinner...not sure I want to.

*I am positive that I am going to need therapy! LOL


Leslie said...

I'm so sorry Debbie! ((((Debbie)))

I hope you are getting a good night's sleep tonight and that tomorrow is calm and uneventful. Hoping your son is feeling better too!


rainydaymichele said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry! Hope today is a much better day, and that your son is doing much better. Sending big cyber hugs your way, friend.

Michele said...

Oh no what a day! I hope you have had a couple of quiet and calm days since then! (I have a recipe for crockpot mac n' cheese that I have been going to try, but now I am wondering if I should!)