Books Galore

Saturday, January 30, 2010

A friend of mine took me to Barnes and Noble this past week because she was getting a great deal on books (long story) I walked out with about 13 books!  I felt like I had gone on a spending spree!  So now I have more than enough to read and more than enough recipes to cook (I got a few cookbooks).  Here is some of what I got...

Books on Christianity and one on courtship (since we have a pre-teen this is something we need to start thinking about.).

I also got a few cookbooks...I have loved Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day so I went ahead and got their "healthy bread" book.  I love Rick Bayless' show, and his recipes look so yummy!  And finally, I have loved Stephanie's blog and recently purchased a new crockpot.

And finally, these just looked like cute science books...I know... "cute science" probably doesn't go together, but I loved the look of these books so I picked them up for the boys.


KimSD said...

Those are cute science books! I look forward to your review of the Make It Fast, Cook It Slow cookbook. Happy reading!

Michele said...

I love Barnes and Noble. They are supposed to be building one 15 minutes from me. Not good for my budget. There is already one a half hour away and that is close enought! lol.

I picked up the The Healthy Bread in 5 minutes a day at the library last week. I need to sit down and dig into it.

I love those science books. They are really neat looking. I may have to check them out for my boys. We are all about science at our house.

Pray through the Bible that is another one that interests me.
(like I need anymmore books! lol)