Titan Graduates!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

We just finished a six week clicker training class with Titan. If you aren't familiar with clicker training, the basic idea is to get the dog to perform a certain task (sit, heel, down) and when he does you click (by pushing a little hand-held box that makes a clicking noise) the good behavior and then give them a treat. Using a clicker tends to increase the motivation to do the task, and it also lets the dog know when he has done something right. Titan did pretty well in the class; although he did have issues with barking at the other dogs. Because of his breed (mini Schnauzer) he tends to get overly excited around new people and dogs. But this week he graduated from his class! He knows how to sit, do a down (lay down), "watch me", heel a little bit and go to his mat when asked.  Zach even taught him to "Give me five" with his paw.  He still has some work to do, but he is only seven months! We may take another clicker class in the new year to solidify what he has already started learning.

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