Thankful on the Shortest Day of the Year

Monday, December 21, 2009

holy experience

Today is the shortest day of the year...for Alaskans that means something.  In the town we live in we will have only about 3 hours of daylight today...but in the darkness there is plenty to praise Him about.

207. Summer is coming! LOL!  Really, by tomorrow we will start gaining daylight here...on our way to warmer days.
208. Lunch with friends today. I have so needed people's emotional support the past few weeks.  I am so thankful for it!
209. Tuna melts
210. Dirty dishes...means we have food on the table.
211. Christmas is this week...Come, Lord Jesus, Come!
212. Music
213. Titan graduating from clicker class!
214. That Zach's skin condition that we went to the Dr. about last week isn't serious.
215. Tim has time off work.
216. That in the darkness there is light.
217. Jesus never leaves us nor forsakes us.
218. Good books to read as I struggle with some issues in relationships: Safe People and Handling Difficult People

219. Growing in Christ even in the difficult times.
220. Tim being an awesome, very involved father.
221. That we finished our Argentina unit and really enjoyed it.
222. Time to reflect on what will be my Word of the Year for 2010.
223. Wii Fit...we are so enjoying the games that we are playing together.
224. Time to catch up on much needed sleep
225. Fudge from the Fudge Pot...the farthest north fudge store in the US

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