More on the Argentina Unit

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

We are currently working on a unit about Argentina through the book Chúcaro.  Here are some pictures of the boys working on a notebooking page about llamas.  They used Draw Write Now Volume 8 in order to draw a picture of a llama for their pages.  We also focused a bit on Paraguay and Brazil, two countries that border Argentina and are a part of the story of Chúcaro.

Here is the llama page from Draw Write Now that we used...

The boys working on Brazil and Paraguay pages provided in the Chúcaro unit.

Here's a look at my lesson plans (or at least part of them) for the unit.  The page is a part of Study Starters if you buy their system. The unit has turned out to be about three weeks worth of lesson plans, but that is at a swift pace.  You could definitely take more time on it!

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