December's Meals

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Here is what we are putting in the freezer this month!

We have gathered some recipes from a blog that I have enjoyed, A Year of Slowcooking.  We will have to modify the recipes a bit, but the basic idea is to mix everything up so that it can go in a crockpot and cook all day.  Here are the recipes we are using from the blog...

Buffalo Chicken Lasagna- We decreased the buffalo sauce by half so that it wouldn't be too spicy for our kids.
Crockpot Salsa Chicken
Slowcooker Orange Chicken

We are also making...


Alfredo Sauce, using Magic Mix and the recipe for white sauce. We just add parmesan to the sauce to make it alfredo.

Corn Chowder  (scroll down)

If you have a great recipe that freezes well, please leave me a comment.  We would love to try it!


Anonymous said...

Debbie, thanks for sharing all your recipes. :) I was wondering if you have tried the Buffalo Chicken Lasagna yet? If so, how spicy is it? I think I would like the flavoring, but not if it is really spicy...what do you think??

Debbie said...

Candace- Forgot to mention...but because of our kids we decreased the buffalo chicken sauce by is a bit spicy. We haven't officially eaten it yet, but we did sample the sauce while making it and it seemed ok.