So Thankful for...

Monday, November 9, 2009

holy experience

Here is my continuing list of things to be thankful for...

81. Holiday traditions like our Thanksgiving tree
82. My missionary service in Argentina

83. Crocs!  I love my lined Crocs (Mammoths I think they are called)

84. A strong church family
85. An awesome piano teacher for Noah
86. A lady in our church that is teaching me to be positive in everything I say.
87. The hard times...makes me appreciate the good ones all the more.
88. Thai food

89. Time to exercise
90. Machines around the house that make my life so much easier (washer, dryer, etc.)
91. The upcoming holidays
92. Warm clothes to keep out the cold
93. Tim's job
94. Our medical insurance
95. Zach's awesome time at youth group this past week
96. Great sermons to learn from
97. My students in the Jr. High Sunday School class that I teach
98. One of my students was baptized this past weekend
99. Dog training class for Titan
100. Wonderful family movies like Gifted Hands that we watched this past week

101. A great night's sleep
102. The weekend to relax
103. Birthday of a friend

Wow, I made it past 100!!!  Can't wait to get to 1,000 which is the goal.  To find out more about Multitude Mondays and the Gratitude Community, go here.

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