Saving Money

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

With all the issues with the economy this is a great time to try and save some cash.  We are in essence a one income family even though I work about 10 hours a week.  We really have to watch where the money goes and that we are using it wisely.  Here are some of the things that we do to save...

*Stock up on non-perishable foods when they go on sale.  Investing in food is always a good idea.  Check out this site for some ideas and organizational help.

*We don't do a lot of driving.  If I need something on the other side of town I wait until we go to Taekwon-do which is on the other side of town.  I do all my errands then.

*We mainly drink water.

*I buy food and cook in bulk.  This saves two ways: buying in bulk is less money per pound and cooking in bulk takes away the temptation to just go out and eat.

*I make as much of our food from scratch.  Every Friday is pizza night...we rarely go out for pizza or order it.  I make homemade crust and grate the cheese (with a KitchenAide) instead of buying pre-grated cheese.

*We don't buy convenience foods.

*We use an item tell it is all used.  That means scraping the mayo jar clean with a spatula.

*Our heat is turned down.  We have programmable thermostats that help with this...the heat goes down at night and we have it set to go up in the morning.

*I bake my own bread, biscuits, muffins, etc.  The only thing I buy are bagels.  Haven't quite figured out how to make those!

*Free fruit!  In the summer we go out in the woods and pick raspberries, blueberries, and cranberries.  I never buy these fruits in the store.  I realize that this is not an option for everyone.  The only cost is the gas to get to the great picking spots.

*We have switched to bar soap instead of  liquid hand soap.  The liquid stuff is wasted. It tends to land on the counter more than in the hand! We have been using the soap from Virginia Soaps and Scents and love it (see my review on the left sidebar).

*Don't shop!  Ok, I know that sounds like a no-brainer!  But I just plain don't do to the store unless I absolutely have to!  Otherwise, I WILL spend money that I don't need to spend.

*I cut the boys' hair...NOTE: "Boys" refers to Tim, too!  I go 8 weeks between haircuts for myself.

*I cut Titan's hair and groom him.

*I use half a dryer sheet and make my own laundry detergent.

*We garden and are still eating from our garden now in November.

*I can all my jams...normally made from the berries we picked.

*Use the library!

*I normally throw away catalogs as soon as they come in the mail...otherwise it just makes me want stuff.

*Tim rides his bike to work during the summer months.

*meatless meals

Ok, so I realize that maybe not everyone can do all these things on the list and that this isn't even a complete list, but maybe it will spark some ideas of how you could save some money!  Is there anything major that I missed?  Leave me a comment with your ideas!  I would love to hear what others do!


Michele said...

Great post Debbie. We do many of these things and I am working on a few more on your list. Like bulk cooking and making my own breads and muffins.
I wish we would pick our fruits for free! We do go to pick your own places and save that way.

I voted for you this morning at the Homeschool blog awards! Good luck!!

The Prudent Homemaker said...

You sound like me!

However, I finally decided to have my husband cut my hair, and I've never looked back! He does a great job, and I can have it cut as often as I like.

Mom2fur said...

Wow, you are a frugalista diva! Good for you! I do a few of these things most of the time and some of them all of the time. My biggest money-saving thing is to combine sales and coupons. I've built up a good stockpile, although I am waiting again for both ground beef and chicken cutlets to go on sale. I loooove my little chest freezer!