What did we do this weekend?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Painting and lots of it!!!! Such a miserable job, but someone has to do it. We have slowly over the years (ok, so we are somewhat slug-like) been repainting each room of the house. After this weekend we have only a hallway and the boys' bedroom to go. This weekend was the masterbed and bath's turn. You can see if the first picture the terribly stained walls. No amount of cleaning was going to get these stains off...it just needed to be repainted.
For some reason we get stains along the studs of our walls. Our solution has been to apply Kilz which is a stainblocker before applying the regular paint. Here is a picture of Tim (and Titan) after applying 4 (yes, FOUR!) coats of Kilz to the walls in the bedroom. These walls were so bad that we had to do the numerous coats. In the other rooms we haven't had this problem. You can see from the picture how tired Tim looks!Here is Tim painting on some color. It is called Brandied Pears...not very dark. I would love to paint the room a bit darker, but we have a small house (I am thinking the dark color would make the room look smaller) and because of the darkness in the winter here it probably wouldn't be a good idea. Besides, I have a feeling that Tim doesn't like a lot of color on his walls.Here is a finished wall. I know you really can't see the new color that well. It is an off white and give a little contrast the to totally white ceiling.

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Sheri said...

Painting is absolutely exhausting work! Looks nice though and it's nice to have a fresh clean room.