Passports to Use in Homeschooling

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

El Rincón Español has a post about using a fake passport as you "visit" different countries. This is a cool idea if you are studying different areas of the world. As you learn about each country you can provide your student with a passport stamp to say they have "visited" that country! I did this one year for a homeschool co-op class that I taught on Latin America and the kids really enjoyed it. Check out El Rincón Español (which is in English) for printable passports and stamps from countries around the world.


Kathleen B said...

Thanks for linking me! I was just visiting you today so see if you were ready to announce the posting of your Spanish lapbook on Homeschool EShare. Can you tell I'm excited!


Debbie said...

Hi Kathleen-It still is not up on Homeschool Share...I was told it would be up last week, but I think she hasn't had the time. I will let you know when! :-)