People of the Past-HOTM Meme

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Here is the question for this week's Meme at Heart of the Matter...
When I think about the person of the past I’d most like to meet there are so many! I think top of my list is Jesus and from there… Ghandi, Mother Theresa, Joan of Arc, my great-great-great grandparents…I truly could go on and on. Who is the person of the past you would most like to meet?

There are so many people that I would love to meet that I can't pick just one! Here are a few...
Corrie Ten Boom who survived the Holocaust and showed the willingness to forgive her captors.

Abraham Lincoln...probably one of our best presidents.

My ancestors....who survived the Irish Potato Famine, Indian raids, and the untamed prairies of South Dakota!

There are many people who I would love to meet. There are so many fascinating stories in history of brave men and women. Too bad there isn't such a thing as time travel!

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