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Monday, October 9, 2017

I use washi tape every day. Yes, without fail! Why? I use it to decorate the Scriptures I write out. (See this link with more information on the Scripture writing challenge I set up each month.) I have had a few people on Instagram ask me where I get my washi. Some of it comes from Michael's, but  a lot of it comes from Amazon.  Here's a look at some of my favorites...

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I love the seasons, and seasonal washi with a botanical bent (I love to garden) is my new favorite type of washi design. I recently bought this set that has three different seasons in it, but I can see where it could be used year round...

Here's the link to it on Amazon.  It contains spring, autumn, and winter patterns, but the green and blue patterns would work for summer also. Here's a look at some pages I did with this collection...

Here are some other sets I either have or want to get in the future...

Geometric washi is fun...

Geometric washi

This circle, triangle, and square pattern comes in different colors: Pink/Orange, Blue/Green

I adore birds!  Here are several bird-themed washi tapes: birds on a wire, bird collection, birds and cages.

Here's a set of washi gardening tape that I use a lot. It mainly has succulents in the design.

I love this nighttime gold and silver washi! It is on my to-buy list for this winter.

If you love coffee (like I do) this washi is cute!!

And because I love the watercolor effect, I am looking to add this watercolor design set with eight different colors.
Finally, if you are looking for creative ideas on what to do with washi, see my Pinterest board.

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