The Many Benefits of an Instant Pot

Friday, November 25, 2016

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This past spring I bought one of the best tools I have ever had in my kitchen, an Instant Pot. What is it? It's an electric pressure cooker that does amazing things with food. And today, because it's Black Friday they are on sale! $68.95!

So what are some of the awesome things it does?
  • Hard-boiled eggs that actually peel easily. The Instant Pot has enticed me to do eggs again. Frankly, I hate peeling eggs, but pressure cooking eggs makes potato salad and deviled eggs a breeze.
  • Yesterday, we cooked our potatoes in the Instant Pot before mashing them. I have no idea why, but the mashed potatoes didn't have chunks and were smooth!
  • The Instant Pot cooks dried beans to perfection! I had almost given up on using dried beans until my friend demonstrated what the Instant Pot does with beans before I bought mine.
  • Recently, a friend served me oatmeal (made from steel cut oats) made in her Instant Pot. It was amazing!
  • We have loved making Mac-n-Cheese with it. A lot easier than the "normal" way.
  • It's great for cooking veggies.
  • I have loved cooking frozen meat in it for various recipes...frozen chicken beasts come out moist. You can even cook frozen hamburger and then break it up for different dishes.
These are just some of the foods I have cooked in my Instant Pot...I can say that I have tried have turned out great (except we don't like spaghetti-the noodles and sauce- in clumps). I love the speed of the device and the easy yesterday, when we cooked potatoes...there were no boiling over pots!!!

If you decide to get one, remember that using an Instant Pot is pressure cooking so there is a slight learning curve. However, there are a ton of recipes online (See my Pinterest board here), and this is an awesome cookbook to get you started!

I have done a lot of the recipes in Great Food Fast, and they have turned out great!

So if you interested, this is the time to buy an Instant Pot (The sale ends today as it is only for Black Friday)! You can find it here!

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