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Monday, September 5, 2016

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I am a get-it-done-and-move-on type of girl who struggles with slowing down. This attribute is great if you have a plethora of tasks set before you, but it's a detriment during your quiet time with God. So this past year I have been trying something new on a regular basis...writing out God's Word...hand copying so that I can slow down and let the words and ideas soak in. If you haven't tried this before I would highly encourage you to do so! You will be amazed at what you have missed by reading that sticks out when you write it down. So today I would love to give you some resources on how to get started in writing out His Word.

Here is a general post on the subject:

So where do you start? How do you choose which passages to hand copy? There are really two ways to go about it...by topic or by the book. Let's take a look at some resources for both:

By Topic

There are several Scripture writing plans out there. I actually have one here on my blog called "Think on These Things". Each month I gather together verses related to the topic I have chosen for others and myself to write out. If you would like you can follow me on Instagram where I post about the verses each morning. 

I love this method, because by the end of the month we have an overview of the topic and have gone a bit deeper with it. You don't have to do the month we are currently in, but rather you can pick one of the topics. We have done forgiveness, peace, the importance of words, love, joy, etc. Click on over to this page to see all the topics.

By the Book

Another way to do Scripture writing is to write out a whole book of the Bible. I would first start small. If I remember correctly, one of the first books I wrote out was James. However, this year I finished writing out the ENTIRE book of Psalms! It was quite the adventure, but so worth it! Here are some posts about it...

Writing the Psalms
Writing the Psalms: Thoughts on the Journey

Do you need a schedule to keep you on track with writing out a book? My friend, Candace, over at His Mercy is New has several schedules for different books of the Bible. You can find them here. She also has a schedule for purchase for the book of Psalms. Click here to take a look.

And finally, below you will find a few items I use for Scripture writing. The Studio Oh! deconstructed journals are great for writing out whole books. You can probably get several books in one journal. Just to give you an idea, it took only two of these journals to write out the book of Psalms all 150 chapters!

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