Bullet Journals and Prayers

Monday, July 11, 2016

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Last year I set up a simple system of praying for others on a regular basis. I have been loving this system, because it makes me consistent in praying for those in my life who are important to me. Here are some ideas of who can be on the list...

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Co-workers
  • Enemies (See this post.)
  • Church Leaders
  • Government Leaders
  • Teachers
  • Acquaintances 
Basically, every day I pray for one person (sometimes two if they are connected) according to my list. So for example, every month on the first I pray for my husband (not that he doesn't get prayed for at other times, but I concentrate on him on this day). Every tenth of the month I pray for_______(fill in the blank). You get the idea. 

Recently, I decided to transfer my my prayer list to my bullet journal! (Don't know what a bullet journal is? See the end of this post.) I set up a grid (see above) on several pages. You need enough "boxes" for thirty-one days. I then labeled the days and decorated the pages with Expressions Magic Tape. Finally, I labeled each box with a name or two. There is enough space in each box to add notes or special prayer concerns for each person. Each morning during my quiet time I look at the correct date to know who to pray for throughout the day. This simple system has helped me be more consistent with my prayers for others!

So what is a bullet journal? It is a like a day planner on steroids! It is totally personalized to fit your needs! See this post on how to get started. All you need is a journal, like this one, and some pens (these are my favorites). If you are looking to get organized, a bullet journal is the way to go!

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aqua said...

Thank you for your good ideas! I am just a beginner...from Finland (= snow/cold/dark)