When You Need Joy...

Monday, June 6, 2016

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This month for Think On These Things we are focusing on joy. It can be elusive especially in a season of grief or stress. Then the question is...is joy even possible when life is not going our way? Where can we find it in the angst of life? Here are several posts...verses, resources, and ideas on joy...

When the grief is great and you need to "count it all JOY".

While this may look like a Christmas post, it is actually 31 verses about finding joy in Jesus.

"J" is for JOY, but where does joy come from? Find out here.

Here is a post from Adventure Homeschool about bringing back joy when life is tough.

A Scripture Memory Booklet on JOY.

How do you maintain joy when you feel like a failure?

Scriptures for serving your family joyfully.

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