Freedom in Christ {Think on These Things}

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

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I remember the day I was driving back from lunch with a friend. I was crying; she was listening. I told her, "I want out of this situation!". It was a defining moment for me that would eventually lead to freedom...though it would take months {and years to recover}, I found freedom from fear, legalism, and some abusive behavior by not only removing myself from a certain situation, but also by realizing I was free in Christ. Free...because He covers me. He forgives me. He protects me. He released me from my agony.

We are all prisoners. Some of us are enslaved to fear. Others fight a deep, hidden sin in their lives. There are some who are stuck in life circumstances in which there seems to be no way out. For others, we are trapped in a toxic relationship. Wherever you may find yourself, He is there, and He is all about bringing freedom for you. Maybe it won't totally change your circumstances, but He will develop your heart so you are free on the inside. Then again, He may allow you to walk away from a painful situation. Whatever the outcome, He is out for your freedom.

This month let's take a look at what imprisons us and how He brings about freedom. Pick up your pen to write out the following Scriptures and/or to journal about them as you "Think on These Things."

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There are many ways you can use these verses. You can read and meditate on them. You can write them out as you meditate on them. You can read them and then write about them in a journal or journaling Bible. Here are some of the items I use...

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Anonymous said...

What does day 6 mean about freedom.

Debbie P said...

It's actually speaking about the opposite of freedom. Sin entangles us. It takes away our freedom. By avoiding sin we actually become more free.