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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

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This month for Think on These Things we are focusing on WORDS. Although they are just letters and sounds strung together they possess a power few of us understand. They can destroy a heart, but they can also build up a soul. Maybe you have struggled with words...either the ones that came out of your mouth or the ones that your ears received. I know that I have. Here are several blog posts and resources on dealing with words. {You can scroll down to the bottom for a list of Bible studies and books related to words.}

For me words have played a huge part in developing me into who I am today. Sometimes those words were painful as I navigated verbal abuse...others times words soothed the wounds I carried. In Words that Wound, Words that Heal , I ask the question, "How can we build each other up with our words instead of tearing each other apart?"

Over at His Mercy is New, Candace talks about the beauty of the fewness of words.

One of the best ways we can use our words is through prayer. I love the concept of "Praying the Scriptures"...basically you pray God's words back to Him. His Mercy is New has a plethora of resources you can use to learn how to pray His words.

If you have kids or work with them, you know that bad language can be a problem. Kids need to learn how to use their words wisely. Future Flying Saucers has an object lesson with free resources on teaching this important concept to kids.

A great reminder on choosing our words wisely from Purpose Living Wife. We are more at risk for saying something we will regret when we are hurt or angry.

Oh, how we are need this reminder...What are the three most powerful words you can ever speak?

One of the best things you can do? Memorize His words.

Sometimes we ALL need to practice a little silence. Wouldn't you agree?

Using words of affirmation in your marriage from Adventure Homeschool.

And finally, here are some Bible studies and books related to our words...

Unglued- I believe EVERY Woman should read this book! How to deal with your raw emotions so you don't verbally "vomit" on others.

Keep It Shut- A great book on controlling your tongue.

Stopping Words that Hurt- This book is so convicting! It discusses what our words do to others.

Conversation Peace- A woman's Bible study on words.

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