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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

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There are a plethora of Scripture writing plans out there these days. People have figured out the benefits of writing out God's Word. I even have a plan here called Think On These Things. {You can see what I have available here.} This year besides Think On These Things I am writing out the book of Psalms. I am up to chapter 76, and it has been an amazing experience!!! I have connected with God's Word like never before. When I started writing out the Psalms I purchased this journal. Little did I know how much I would love it!!!

So here is a quick look at why these are some of the best journals out there to do Scripture writing with...

First of all, I am left-handed. This has created problems for me ever since I started handwriting as a little kid. I remember I used to turn my paper upside down and then write with a hook (curving my wrist). It took one of my teachers correcting my form to help me get back on track. Another problem I have had with writing in journals is that many of them don't lay flat. This is a huge issue for left-handed people, but as you can see from the above photo these journals from Studio Oh! do a great job at creating an even writing surface.

Another plus is that the covers are hard and extremely durable. There will be no creases in the covers of these journals. I also LOVE the length of these journals. Like I said, I am writing out the book of Psalms which contains 150 chapters {with chapter 119 being the longest chapter in the Bible}. I am almost finished writing in the first journal I purchased and will probably get about 80 chapters in it! If you want to keep all your Scripture writing in one place this is the way to go!

Here is an extra...definitely not something you have to do...I love to have color in my journals so I decorate them with tape. You can use washi tape or Scotch Expressions Magic Tape {which is what I used in the above photos}.

So here is a quick look at some of the covers available for Studio Oh! Deconstructed Journals.

Happy Writing!!

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Allycia Lee said...

I was JUST in TJMaxx looking at these journals! They are nice!