When Your Worry About Your Child's Future

Sunday, January 24, 2016

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This is my year of NO FEAR. I am like every other parent in the world...I worry about my kids. I worry what their future holds. I worry about how they will fare in life. I want the best for them, and yet, sometimes I forget that there is One who is even more concerned with getting the best for them...God. Fear in regards to my kids can loom large if I forget that He is there guiding them and loving them when I can't be with them.

I thought toddlerhood was scary. Nobody informed me that parenting teen and young adult kids is just as hard. Sometimes scarier. As my boys have grown, I have lost control and influence in their lives. This is normal. It is a natural part of life. It is as it should be. And I don't like it! I want to be there for them...to guide them and love them. In the last few months I have come to realize that really none of us is in control when it comes to our kids...no matter their age or season in life. We can only do our best to raise them well. Eventually, they will make their own decisions. Life may lead them down a road that even they didn't intend to travel. So what is a parent to do? They only thing he or she can...PRAY.

So here is a list of verses I am praying over my two boys, both who are teens and one who is officially an adult. I don't have control over what they decide in life or what happens to them, but I can bring them before the Father that cares for them more than I ever could! {I have left a blank where you can add your child's or children's names. Feel free to use other wording. The idea is to pray the verses over your kids.}

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