Think On These Things {February}

Sunday, January 17, 2016

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He loves me. He loves me not. Are we not as human beings a swirl of emotions? There are days we feel loved. There are days when we are positive the world hates us. Even God is disappointed with us. Unlike human love, God's love is never fickle. He ALWAYS loves us. We can't get Him to love us more. We can't do anything to have Him love us less. He is constant in His care for us. February is a great month to meditate on all He does for us and how much He cherishes us. It is time to count the ways He loves you!

This year I am doing a series called "Think on These Things". Every month I will provide you with a set of verses for each day that you can meditate on and journal about. You can read more about this simple system here. Honestly, I have been doing this type of meditating on His Word and journaling about it for over a year now. It all started because I needed to be reassured that He loved me even though some around me did not. These verses listed are precious to me as they brought healing in a time of extreme hurt.

So what do you need in order to do the above system? Really...just a Bible, pen, and a journal of some type. However, here is what I use...

A single column journaling Bible. There are several out there. Here are a few that I love...

ESV Single Column Journaling Bible (TruTone, Chestnut, Leaves Design)
ESV Single Column Journaling Bible (Black)
ESV Single Column Journaling Bible (Brown, Flap with Strap)

Some highlighters {These are my absolute favorites!}...

Eco Highlighter Pencils - Set of 5 Colors

Black pens...

Black Ink Pen Set

I basically highlight the verses, meditate on them, and then if I feel so inclined I journal about them. I know of others who write them out as they think about what the verses are saying.

It is my prayer that if you are struggling to know you are loved by God that you will go through these verses and meditate on the various ways He shows His love to you.


Allycia Lee said...

I have been loving January! Ready for February! Thanks!

Debbie P said...

Thank you, Allycia, for your words of encouragement!!!