Fighting Fear

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

31 Days to Overcome Fear
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It's been a fight since I was little. There are many mornings I wake up scared. Day in and day out I talk myself through my fears. I even fear FEAR! For those of us that struggle deeply with an anxiety disorder or constant fear, daily life can be a terrible battle. And even if you don't struggle, we ALL face fears. It is a part of the human existence. It is why God says over and over again "Fear not" in His Word. Frankly, He knew this world would be a scary place. He knew we would struggle to strangle the fear our of our lives before it strangled us.

My dear friend, Candace, over at His Mercy is New, has a new e-book coming out today on fighting fear. Last week she gave me an advance copy to read through. For a woman who has fought fear for decades this book touched my heart! My soul resonated with it as the ideas she offers up are exactly what I use in my struggle with anxiety. So what is Whom Shall I Fear?

Each day Candace provides a short passage of Scripture and a devotional on those verses. Then there is a prayer in which the passage you just read is used {See example below.}. Basically, the idea is to pray God's Word back to Him. {To read more on this concept, click here.} She then provides a space to write your own prayer. Finally, each day has a space to list your blessings. One of the ways to fight fear is gratitude. I have been doing a gratitude journal for several years now, and I can tell you it does wonders to calm my anxiety {Candace explains why in her book.}

Whom Shall I Fear? is $5.99.  I pray that they will bless you as they have me.

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Jason Durham said...

I LOVE the Mercy Is New website! I briefly spoke with Candace through email and she is now a friend of mine on Facebook. Very encouraging site, indeed!

Thank you for writing this. It opens up the opportunity for us to build on a relationship through our Savior. I believe it was a divine appointment for me to see this today, as even those who consider themselves strong in the Lord have periods of time when fear tries to creep in.

Please come for a visit at Walking In My Destiny sometime. I would love to have you. I leave you with a post of mine that was filled with a week of fear, but through the Lord, was overcome.

God Bless

Jason M. Durham