How to Move Forward and Move On {Verses of Hope}

Friday, February 27, 2015

Sometimes we all need a new start. The past is too painful. We need a new direction. We need a different way of doing things.

God is all about new things. He makes all things new. He is the great Restorer and Renovator. He moves on. He makes things new, but how do we move on with Him? How do we perceive the new that He is making in our lives when we feel stuck in the past? For the past two years I have been working to move live a new life in strange circumstances. I have pushed through the pain to forgive and move into a new season.  Here are some ideas to help you move forward when you are stuck with the past...

Perceive it. Look for ways that God is moving and working. For me, I had to create a special gratitude list of all that He was doing in my life NOW even though I was trying to process the past. I made note of how things were changing and the good that was coming from those new events in life. Sometimes it was new words. Words of affirmation spoken over my life brought healing and a new perspective. Other times it was new relationships. Meeting a new friend for coffee helped me move on from the pain. Finding a new purpose in life has helped also.

Don't consider it. Don't allow yourself to dwell in the past. Yes, deal with it. Face the past to heal from it. Go to counseling if need be, but also don't needlessly focus on "the things of old". Sometimes using "mind control" is the best way to deal with the past. Going down that dark road over and over again in your mind is not healthy.

Know that He will make a way. You may not understand how in the world God can make your life circumstances new, but He promises us  He does. He can make a way in the bewildering wilderness of what has happened. The key is to trust Him to where He is taking you. Be content and accepting of what has happened and is happening as much as you can. Ask Him to help you accept the past so that you can move forward in the way that He is making for you. This has been one of the biggest challenges for me...seeing how He will make a way for me and heal me so that I can move on.

What do you need to move on from? How can you help yourself perceive the new thing that God is doing in your life?

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