31 Days of {A Look Around the Web}

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

For three years straight I have participated in 31 Days...a writing challenge in which bloggers write about one topic every day of October. This year I will not be participated as my work schedule (teaching Spanish lessons in my home) is pretty heavy duty. I got overwhelmed just at the thought of it! But please join me towards the end of the month as I do a short series on Verses of Hope {link will be live on October 17th}. Here are the 31 days that I have done in the past...

31 Days of Forgiveness-What it is. What it is not. Resources for your journey through forgiveness.

31 Days of God's Word for my Kids-Verses that I want to share with my boys and my thoughts on them.

31 Days of Freezer Meals-Recipes and tips for being successful with freezer meals

Since there are normally a mountain (and I do mean a mountain) of bloggers participating in 31 Days, I tend to go through the list and narrow down what I want to read. Here is my short list of blogs I will be visiting during the month of October.

Praying Scriptures for your Family- Candace over at His Mercy is New is a friend of mine albeit we have never met in person. She is a southerner...I am living in the far north. Distance doesn't matter. I LOVE her heart for others and her love for God's Word. I will be visiting her site each day to read a Scripture that I can pray over my family. Candace also has other great resources on depression and praying the Psalms.

Here are some other 31 Days I will be reading...

31 Days of Letters {To divorce, shame, fat, and much more}


Candace Crabtree said...

Thank you sweet friend. :) you're one of my biggest cheerleaders!! I still need to browse all the categories and find a few I can read. It's so overwhelming because they all look good!! :)

Christy Willard said...

Debbie, thank you for reading 31 days of Healing in Him and walking this path with me. Praying for your healing process and that God will be a visible companion on your journey.