How He Blesses...

Monday, September 8, 2014

This past week I have felt particularly blessed.  Not that life is perfect. I am still one broken individual in total need of a Redeemer. I think that God at times gives us reprieves from the weariness that is life and chooses to heap His love on us in special ways that we weren't expecting. He is a God full of surprises in the form of the gifts He leaves for us to find along our way...


-Words of affirmation
-Name calling {the good kind} This week I have been called everything from a hero to a good writer to a "sock fairy" (because I bought my husband socks!)  LOL
-Late evening walk watching the sun set
-Cards in the mail

-The beauty of God's creation

-Dinner and precious time with a friend
-Humor over a flat tire.
-Fall weather
-An unexpected text
-Studying Malachi
-Listening to a sermon online
-Reading a book on healing
-That we serve a God who heals us
-Being a part of a new group on Facebook to encourage women
-Stories shared
-Sweet students
-Loving the job that I do

-Flowers from a neighbor early on a Sunday morning.
-Conversation around a fire late into a fall evening

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