Fighting the Foes

Monday, July 28, 2014

I am not going to lie. I know the pain of depression and the fear that comes with anxiety attacks. There are days when all my mental energy works towards fighting the two off. I come by the duo naturally. All fallen creatures have something they fight off.  For me, anxiety and depression are my foes. One of the ways I struggle against them is a mind adjustment. Before you think I am totally weird let me explain. If your back is out of whack you go an get it adjusted. It is no different with your heart and mind. Gratitude for all God gives helps me change my thinking and keep me from sinking too low in my thoughts. Thankfulness breeds joy and peace. Two commodities I desperately need.

Here is my gratitude list for the week...


-Time with friends
-Re-doing our kitchen
-Quiet mornings
-Getting some school planning done
-Safety for a neighbor
-The reminder that life is precious and short
-A hug from a friend's mom
-Cuddles from puppies
-Getting some deep cleaning done
-That He carries me through the sadness
-Validation on some choices made
-Knowing that if others don't understand, God does
-A beautiful example of how apologies can lead the way to wholeness

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